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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download: Tamil Nadu STD 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes

Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download: Tamil Nadu STD 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes
Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download: Tamil Nadu STD 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes

Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download: Students of class can download the Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download from our website. We have uploaded the Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion notes according to the latest chapters present in the syllabus. Download Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Chapter Wise Notes PDF from the links provided in this article.

Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF Download

We bring to you specially curated Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF which have been prepared by our subject experts after carefully following the trend of the exam in the last few years. The notes will not only serve for revision purposes, but also will have several cuts and easy methods to go about a difficult problem.


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Download Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Chapterwise Notes PDF

Students can download the Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF from the links provided in this article.

(i) Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Versus Emotional Quotient (EQ)

According to my opinion, those who have a good IQ level will always have the ability to reason out things and find an amicable solution to any problem that he/she faces in life. Even in today’s world, when a young aspirant is made to face an interview with a board of panelist, one of the key methods to finalise the situation is a problem solving abilities a candidate possesses. Nowadays, your mental appearance is more important than your physical appearance. Though eloquence in communication was given weight age, the skill and ability to convince others is much more important than flamboyant language. Presence of mind, common sense and practicality is more important than bookish knowledge. Therefore people with more IQ is needed than people with better EQ.

According to my understanding, I strongly contradict the views of Raj. It is the character that brings you huge success and I think good character, good personalities and good leaders are mostly driven by emotions.

Emotional quotient and intelligence quotient are undoubtedly the most important aspects of a person’s life and can make a huge difference between an average life and a successful life. To be successful, one may want to have a great IQ but, that success will not last long if your EQ is not appropriate. But on the contrary, if you have a good EQ and a little less IQ, then the chances of you becoming successful to carry on a successful career increases.

Everyone is equal. All should be recognised. One needs to be balanced with all qualities just as a balanced diet is needed for healthy living. It is illogical for learned people to say that IQ is much more needed than EQ or vice versa. I feel everyone is unique and is important. There is always something that one can contribute to. It needs to be balanced. Team play is vital at such a situation. A person with better IQ/EQ has his own workspace and methodology he contributes to the work differently as a person with different IQ/EQ. One who has a high IQ level can work smartly to do even the toughest tasks easily and hence procure popularity and wealth. Likewise, one who has better EQ can develop the same popularity and also leadership qualities. He/She can withstand adverse condition and overcome them.

Let me detail you with examples. To manage a team, a person of high EQ is needed whereas someone who needs to plan tasks and perform it in the best possible way, a person with high IQ should be there.

A person with higher IQ may work on any area and be extremely successful but may lack good social circle. This will surely lead to depression or emotional setbacks.

A person with higher EQ may win a large social circle of friends and supporters who are a big pillar of support at difficult times but due to their lack of technical abilities that needs better IQ, will turn out to be failure.

Hence, I want to reiterate that a person with an average IQ level and an equal amount of EQ level will be the best to survive in the present society. He can work anywhere happily with a fair wealth and fair emotional stability. He would be the most satisfied person.

Therefore a balanced IQ & EQ is the most desirable to be successful.

But I strongly feel that IQ is more important than EQ. Emotions are the biggest barrier to decision-making abilities. If we think about what others say and starts taking into consideration of others opinion, we get messed up and hence lack in making the right decision. Aren’t we living in a world where everything changes in an instant. So, we need someone who is confident of themselves and not get carried away by emotions. Hence I would prefer IQ over EQ,

I strongly opine that you consider the weight age of EQ more than IQ because if you . are perfect in EQ then you can manage with less IQ. For instance, if you have the qualities of EQ such as good personality skills, a better way of communication, and good attitude you can face any competitive situation. On the contrary, although you have strong IQ but poor EQ, then no one will take you seriously or you will be less focused leading to a few people joining you. So overall conclusion is that you don’t need to have a balanced or same level of IQ or EQ. If you are the best in EQ, then you can easily survive in this competitive era with less IQ.

There is no point in Mr. Raj arguing for IQ and Mr.Chandran taking sides with those who have better EQ, IQ and EQ have their own importance in our life and both should be in balanced proportion. I feel IQ makes us ambitious but EQ put limits on these ambitions. High IQ and Low EQ are the traits that can be observed in terrorists. So today, our topic is IQ vs EQ. I stay strong in both needed for a successful person. EQ is important for our social . life. AS we live in a society, we need good EQ levels for our personal and social behaviour and character to be well accepted in the society. Whereas, better IQ is surely the need for enhancing our knowledge to take the right decisions in this society and be a successful person. A balance between both is the need of the hour for both act as the two wheels in our journey of a successful life cycle.

(ii) To Live or Not

We live in a world where most of us have a pet at home. When they fall sick, we rush them to the hospital. When our heart melts to see an animal or a bird suffer because of sickness, how will our conscience allow us to kill a fellow human being just because he is incurably ill? Moreover, he has done no harm to the society and his illness is not because of his fault.Therefore, we must provide him proper treatment and allow him to live as long as nature and God has willed his life span to be in this world.

Exactly. Well said. God has gifted us life. So, he alone has the right to take it back. No human being has the right to interfere in His decisions or will for us in this world. Every man/woman has the right to live as long as God intends him/her to lead a life in this world.

Therefore, the illogical reasoning that a man suffering from an incurable disease, should be put to death is inexcusable beyond reason and a thought to be condemned.

This world is governed by Darwin’s survival of the fittest principle. Darwin drew parallels between his own economic theories and his biological ones: “This survival of the fittest”, which he had sought to express in mechanical terms, is that which he has also called ‘natural selection’, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life. An incurably diseased person is weak and has no value whatsoever to the society. More so, he has no means to live. Therefore, it would be in the fitness of things to kill him even against his wish. Therefore I bring to your kind notice that it is the natural selection to kill a person who cannot live befitting the needs of the society.

Now a days, new vistas of progress have been opened in medical sciences and alternative ‘ medicine like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki Pranik healing, Touch therapy, Herbal therapy, Diet therapy, etc. hold a ray of hope for the so called incurably diseased persons. So, why snatch life from them? When the kith and kin are ready to try all the means for survival, why should one interfere and speak things agaainst their survival. Miracles do happen and ‘ prayers are surely answered. Nothing wrong in giving a chance for someone fighting and struggling to live. We have no right to speak about putting another person to death.

An incurably diseased person is the cause of constant worry to his family. His demands are unending and not withstanding the best possible attention, care and treatment given to him, he always remains dissatisfied and disgruntled. This adversely affects the peace of mind and comfort of the family members and all those who are trying to help them. Many a times, the physical worry and mental agony faced by the caretakers fall a prey to many other difficult situations and even fall sick being in an unhealthy environment for weeks and months. Therefore, the best way out of such a situation is to put an end to his life.

It is not always the case that incurably diseased persons spread contagious diseases as some might argue. Even in those rare cases where it may be true, these persons are not real health hazards because it is medically established now that all incurable diseases are not contagious. However, as a precautionary measure, we should open separate hospitals or isolation wards for persons suffering from incurable contagious diseases and thus quarantine them. Isn’t that a better solution than thinking of putting an end to their life? To me, it’s a murder under legal permits.

But these days we are burdened with the responsibility of reducing our rapidly increasing population. The many diseased persons constitute a good part of it. Even otherwise their contribution to society is a burden. It would be justified and reasonable not to allow them to drag on their agonizing life. Killing an incurably diseased person will put an end to research work in medical science. As I have already stated, there are many hospitals and many doctors who start experimenting with diseased persons. Even otherwise, suffering people have been the subject of research work for those who are into higher education. Thereby, its appropriate to free them from pain and suffering!

Such an act only points out to the degenerated values in this society. It is almost compared to that of an individual throwing an appliance when it is old and doesn’t yield good results. Isn’t there a difference between living and non-living? How can a living human being be treated like a material object? What has happened to the values that students were taught or imbibed in their life? Such a thinking is only an assertion of degenerated moral values.

India is a land of values. We are a secular society. We believe in respecting each other. Let us not be carried away by degenerated moral values and learn to respect one another and help them to live in peace without a feeling of guilt.

How to Prepare using Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF?

Students must prepare for the upcoming exams from Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes PDF by following certain essential steps which are provided below.

  • Use Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion notes by paying attention to facts and ideas.
  • Pay attention to the important topics
  • Refer TN Board books as well as the books recommended.
  • Correctly follow the notes to reduce the number of questions being answered in the exam incorrectly
  • Highlight and explain the concepts in details.

Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar All Chapter Notes PDF Download

Frequently Asked Questions on Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes

How to use Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion Notes for preparation??

Read TN Board thoroughly, make separate notes for points you forget, formulae, reactions, diagrams. Highlight important points in the book itself and make use of the space provided in the margin to jot down other important points on the same topic from different sources.

How to make notes for Samacheer Kalvi 11 English Grammar Group Discussion exam?

Read from hand-made notes prepared after understanding concepts, refrain from replicating from the textbook. Use highlighters for important points. Revise from these notes regularly and formulate your own tricks, shortcuts and mnemonics, mappings etc.


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